Mario Tennis Aces release date, trailer, gameplay and all the latest news

Nintendo has unveiled a brand-new Mario Tennis game coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. Mario Tennis Aces will see all your favourite Mario heroes face each other on the court once again in a battle of serves, slices and volleys.

We’ve rounded up all the latest news, and will be updating this page as more information crops up, so be sure to bookmark it.

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What is Mario Tennis Aces?

Mario Tennis Aces is the latest entry in the popular Mario Tennis spinoff series from Nintendo. It will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. It will see characters such as Mario, Luigi, Waluigi and Wario duke it out on the courts in the battle to be the best.

Mario Tennis Aces Release Date

Nintendo hasn’t given a firm release date for Aces, but has said it will launch in Spring 2018 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Mario Tennis Aces gameplay – What’s new?

Nintendo has promised new gameplay elements which will test the player’s ability to read your opponent’s position on the court, as well as their tennis stroke. Previous Mario Tennis games made it very obvious what type of shot your opponents played, so hopefully this game presents a bit more of a challenge.

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This will also be the first Mario Tennis game since Mario Tennis Power Tour on Game Boy Advance to feature a fully fledged story mode. There will be a variety of missions, boss battles and more.

Mario Tennis Aces trailer – How’s it look?

Nintendo hasn’t uploaded the trailer in isolation on YouTube yet, but you can see it as part of the larger Nintendo Direct Mini below:

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