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Laptop Recovered By Power Of Internet

David Gilbert


MacBook Recovered By Power Of Internet

It’s always good (and funny) when justice is done in the full glare of the media and one victim has gone to great lengths to publicise a thief.

On 21 March last, Joshua Kaufman had his MacBook stolen from his apartment in Oakland, California. For most of us, the only option would be turning to the police to try and track down the thief. Not so for Kaufman however, as he had the foresight to install Hidden, an app developed by a company based in Watford. The app for Macs allows you to track your laptop where ever it is in the world and it will take screen shots of what the thief is doing with the laptop as well as taking pictures with the webcam and send all this info back to the rightful owner. The app costs from $15-a-year which includes help from the Hidden team in dealing with the police to try and get your computer back.


Kaufman was initially getting no where with the police so he decided to turn to the internet and posted the pictures of the person who had stolen his computer using the MacBook on his This Guy Has My MacBook blog. The pictures show someone sleeping on a couch in front of the laptop, using it while in bed (above) and even while driving. Once the pictures were posted, Good Morning America got hold of the story and contacted the Oakland PD to see why it was doing nothing about the theft, despite having pictures of the thief and his location. This, for some reason, sparked the police into action and yesterday they finally apprehended the thief.

The happy ending to this story just goes to show the power of the internet. However many commenters on the Hidden blog were questioning whether or not this was a viral ad campaign to garner some coverage for the blog but the company has categorically denied it. If it is an ad campaign, then its a pretty good one and if it a real case of theft, then it is better than any episode of CSI we've seen - then again that's not saying much.

Source: This Guy Has My MacBook

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