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Mac OS X Lion Coming Next Week

David Gilbert


Mac OS X Lion

Despite the fact that Apple will only be offering the latest update of Mac OS X via download, it is still preparing its retail stores for a major launch next week.

Moles within the company have told Apple Insider that they have been advised of a number of measures taking place in preparation for the launch next Thursday, 14 July. Unveiled a month ago, Mac OX X Lion (10.7) will be made available through the Mac App Store costing £20.99 – which is a large decrease in price from previous updates. Apple Insider reports that machines in the retail store will be upgraded with extra RAM so that the upgraded software will run smoothly when demonstrated to customers.

Mac OS X Lion

There is also the usual overnight shift planned for some night this week in preparation for the launch. Apple are also planning to invite some Apple fan boys into the store to download the update there and then and get some hands-on advice from the Genius Bar. Apple are also planning a refresh of its MacBook Air line-up and with the launch of the new OS, this refresh could be only weeks away.

While Mac OS X Lion is nothing revolutionary, it is certainly continuing in the right direction and staying ahead of the competition out there – and as good as Windows 8 looked, it is still some way from launch.

Source: Apple Insider

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