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Mac OS X 10.10 Syrah redesign being led by Jony Ive, claims report

Sam Loveridge


OS X Mavericks
OS X Mavericks

The Mac OS X 10.10 Syrah redesign is being led by Jony Ive, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design.

Following Ive’s iOS 7 redesign that did away with the skeuomorphic textures of iOS 6 and previous mobile OS iterations, it seems Apple has put him in charge of the new OS X 10.10 Syrah version.

According to a 9to5mac report, Ive’s new Mac OS will focus on aesthetic improvements to the desktop operating system.

The latest Mac OS X 10 Mavericks made enhancements to hardware performance, battery life and graphics processing, so there will be a lot more visible changes made with the new OS X 10.10 update.

Ive is apparently leading a “significant” redesign of OS X and the new design will be its main selling point.

According to the report, the design changes will not be as stark as that made between iOS 6 and iOS 7, but will follow a similar colourful pattern as iOS 7.

Apple is apparently considering adding Siri support to the next version of Mac OS X, as well as support for iOS AirDrop compatibility.

The new OS X iteration is scheduled for an official unveiling at Apple’s annual WWDC conference in June.

This will also be the platform Apple uses to launch its iOS 8 update for devices like the iPad Air and iPhone 5S.

iOS 8 is expected to be fitness and health focused, thanks to a new Healthbook app that is tipped to work with the rumoured Apple iWatch.

It is expected to integrated health data from various apps and hardware accessories with a UI design similar to Passbook. You’ll be able to customise your Healthbook app to prioritise health statistics that are most important to you.

According to previous leaks, Healthbook is capable of tracking data related to heart rate, blood pressure, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, oxygen levels, activity and weight among others.

There should also be a major overhaul to Apple Maps, adding features like public transport directions and better mapping data.

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Luke Cranfield

April 9, 2014, 8:00 am

Maybe if they made the maximise button work without the need for additional software that would be a good start?


May 8, 2014, 9:35 am

The guy who turned iOS into a disgusting neon colored eyesore gets to screw up OS X as well. Great move, Apple.

Bobby Jones

May 15, 2014, 1:34 am

The annoying thing is that it does work perfectly, but every single app from Apple and most of those on the App Store override and ruin it. By default, it is perfect, but "designers" like ******* Jony Ive have decided that users don't need a consistent experience...

Bobby Jones

May 15, 2014, 1:46 am

Yeah. I am physically ill every time I use my iPhone now. If they do that to the desktop as well, I will be unable to do my job (so I won't be upgrading). They just love creating rifts in their user base, don't they?

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