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LulzSec Returns To Attack Rupert Murdoch

David Gilbert


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LulzSec., that group of hacktivists credited with taking down websites of companies like Sony and Nintendo, has come out of retirement to target News International.

Many online readers of thesun.co.uk would have been greeted with news of Rupert Murdoch’s demise last night after LulzSec ‘owned’ the website and posted a fake story about the media mogul. Under the banner of Murdoch Meltdown Monday, the group also attacked The Times website forcing administrators to take it offline.

The Sun hack lulzsec

The story on The Sun website ran with the headline “Media moguls body discovered [sic]” and went on to say: "Murdoch, aged 80, has said to have ingested a large quantity of palladium before stumbling into his famous topiary garden late last night, passing out in the early hours of the morning."

The site later last night redirected to the LulzSec Twitter page with the person in charge of the feed goading authorities and Murdoch to: “Arrest us. We dare you.” The hack seems to have been a collaboration between LulzSec and Anonymous, who had apparently been looking to hack the email database of News International in the past two weeks.

The Sun hack lulzsec

The group has said that it is sitting on emails from The Sun and News of the World and would release a statement today (Tuesday). Contact details and login details of former employees of News International including under-pressure ex-CEO Rebekah Brooks, were also posted on Twitter by the hacker known as Sabu, though it is still unclear if these are real.

News International said the company was "aware of what was happening and that the company's technical teams were working on the it."

The Sun hack lulzsec

We’ll bring you all the latest news on this developing story as it happens and with Murdoch, his son James and Brooks all facing a Commons select committee today, it could be a very tough day for all at News International.

Source: LulzSec (Twitter)

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