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LoveFilm Player To Stream Disney Films

David Gilbert


LoveFilm Player To Stream Disney Films

Last January, Amazon completed its buyout of LoveFilm and today we see the first major content deal since the takeover.

LoveFilm will exclusively stream films from Disney costing between £2.49 and £3.49 per film. Of course LoveFilm already rents Disney DVDs and Blu-ray Discs but this new move will allow people stream Disney titles such as Toy Story 3 and the recently released Tron: Legacy. LoveFilm members are able to watch films online instantly as part of their subscription on the LoveFilm Player, either on a PC, via in-home connected devices or the PlayStation3. As well as watching pay-per-view films, subscribers paying £5.99-a-month will have access to over 50 films from Disney’s library including Dead Poets Society, Armageddon, Cocktail and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – at no extra cost.

Catherine Powell, the senior vice president of media distribution at Disney, said: “We’re working with innovative partners such as LoveFilm to offer our programming to viewers in evermore flexible, easy to access ways, and this agreement builds on our existing DVD rental partnership to further extend the availability of our films amongst UK audiences.” As well as the content partnership with Disney, LoveFilm also has deals with MGM, Momentum and Warner Borthers. While LoveFilm continues to enjoy success in the UK and Europe it is still to launch in the US where Netflix dominates. Amazon launched a rival service in the States in February but has made little impact and speculation about a move into the European market by Netflix continues to persist.

While the addition of streaming Disney movies will please some LoveFilm users, the continued unavailability of Universal titles will still be a sticking point for many.

Source: LoveFilm Blog

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