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LoveFilm launches High Definition streaming



LoveFilm, Amazon's TV and movie streaming service, has launched HD streaming, giving all of its members high definition viewing.

The functionality, which launches today in the UK, allows its members to stream films and TV programmes in full 1080p via PC or Mac, and Xbox 360, Samsung and LG connected TVs in 720p.

The company has also announced an expansion in its catalogue of films over the next few months.


Jim Buckle, MD of LOVEFiLM, called the introduction of full HD a "milestone in delivering our members the best possible service with exceptional value.”

Best service? If so then content providers have some way to go. As we discovered earlier this year the vast majority of films in the IMDb top 50 were missing from LoveFilm's available titles. For more details, and a list of LoveFilm's subscription packages, see our feature Netflix UK vs LoveFilm.


Not everyone will be able to enjoy the glory that is HD. Films and programmes will stream automatically at the highest res possible, but you'll need the bandwidth to support it. Members will require a minimum internet connection of 4mbps for 720p streaming, while only those with connections of 12mbps or higher will enjoy full 1080p.


June 1, 2012, 5:23 am

Too little too late for me. I enjoyed the sevice for a long time but when they just abbruptly removed support for streaming to all mobile devices, phones & tablets by removing support for Flash play back (opting for silverlight!), I waitied patiently for 6 months for an Android / WebOS or iPad streaming app - and nothing came.

Meanwhile, I am very happy with the much cheaper HD netflix account which even support devices running hacked, unofficial ROMs.

Neither service is ideal. Both are very limited in terms of film availability and both GUI's need a fair bit of work with layout and functionality. But the ubiquitous natureof Netflix's services certainly give it the edge from my perspective right now.

I hope these online film streaming services can sort out some cross company film liciencing support in the near future, along with fully functioning streaming apps for all platforms and OS's.


June 1, 2012, 12:23 pm

I have an excellent BT Infinity connection running reliably at 39Mbs but my Samsung Smart TV suffers from the usual "buffering" problem when trying to view the new HD content at 720p from Lovefilm. I have no problem viewing BBC iPlayer HD programmes. Maybe Lovefilm are having some teething problems with this new HD service?


June 6, 2012, 3:25 am

Just watched an HD stream on the Lovefilm service via my Xbox. I have a Virgin 10Mbit cable connection. There were no lags in buffering but I did notice that the picture seemed to flick between HD and SD occasionally. Never really noticed that when I've rented HD films direct on Xbox Live so I guess it could be a slight issue at Lovefilms end ?!?!
No real problem though and it certainly hasn't put me off using the service again.

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