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Amazon's Lovefilm lands on iPad

Audley Jarvis


Lovefilm iPad
Lovefilm iPad

Barely 24 hours after the launch of its Kindle Fire tablet Amazon has announced that an app for its movie streaming service, Lovefilm, is now available for iPad via a free download.

With the app, existing Lovefilm subscribers who pay more than £9.99 a month will be able to watch unlimited movies via their iPad for free, in much the same way they presently can on PC and PS3. Subscribers are limited to two devices per account though, so if you’ve already got Lovefilm on your PC and PS3 you could be facing a tough decision. In addition, the service is for the UK only, so you’ll need to connect from a domestic ISP in order for the service to work.

Lovefilm iPad

At present the choice of films on offer isn’t as wide as it is on PC and PS3, with “hundreds” as opposed to “thousands” of titles available. Lovefilm says it will be adding more in the coming weeks though.

Given how many commentators have claimed that the Kindle Fire presents the biggest threat yet to Apple’s total domination of the tablet market with its iPad and iPad 2, the Lovefilm app for iPad is an interesting move that raises a number of questions. For example, which of the two companies has the most to gain from the arrangement?

Will Apple’s decision to accept the Lovefilm app undermine its iTunes movie rental store? Or will Amazon’s decision to make Lovefilm available on iPad undermine the Kindle Fire as an exclusive content-delivery vehicle?

To our minds it seems that both parties have something to gain, at least for now. That said, the chances of seeing an iTunes app on Kindle Fire are probably about as remote as Plymouth Argyle winning the Champions League in the next couple of seasons.


September 30, 2011, 4:36 pm

I'm so pleased that love film have launched this so quickly after I got my iPad :) was slightly worried I wouldn't be able to use it as we already use lovefilm on our pc and ps3, but turns out The website doesn't count:
"Yes. You can link up to 2 streaming devices to a single LOVEFiLM account. This could be 2 iPads. It could also, for example, be 1 PS3™ and 1 iPad; or 1 internet-enabled TV and 1 iPad. Whatever combination you choose, 2 devices connected to a single LOVEFiLM account is the limit. Please note that the IPhone app and iPad 'by Post' app do not stream content so do not count towards this limit. Also the LOVEFiLM website does not count either."

You only need to have a subscription of "£5.99 (without games) or more per month", so not as expensive as the article suggest, either


September 30, 2011, 6:33 pm

>> £5.99 (without games) so not as expensive as the article suggest,

But the article mentioned unlimited, that comes in at £9.99 PM.


October 1, 2011, 11:52 am

App will not work on jailbroken devices :-(

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