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Logitech Launches Mini Boombox Bluetooth Speaker

David Gilbert


Logitech Mini Boombox

Logitech has just announced a new Bluetooth speaker which will act as a wireless speakerphone when connected to your mobile.

The Logitech Mini Boombox is a compact speaker which will let you listen to all the music stored on your smartphone, tablet or PC as well as allowing you make and receive phone calls. It has an integrated battery and backlit, touch controls on the top of the speaker.

An integrated battery, charged via USB, promises up to ten hours of playback. It uses Bluetooth A2DP to connect with compatible devices. To make and receive phone and video calls, the Mini Boombox has an integrated microphone and supports the Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile (HFP 1.5).

Logitech Mini Boombox

Logitech claim the palm-sized speaker has a "specially designed acoustic chamber that lets you enjoy great sound with enhanced bass" and while it won’t give you the power of the Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile, it will save you quite a bit of money.

“The Logitech Mini Boombox rises to the occasion to bring an immersive sound experience wherever you go,” said Azmat Ali, vice president of tablets and mobile for Logitech. “Now that mobile devices also act as cinemas, concert stages, game consoles, and conference centres, people want sound quality to match - and the Logitech Mini Boombox delivers.”

The Logitech Mini Boombox is expected to be available in Europe from the end of November for a suggested retail price of £69.99.

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