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Logitech Harmony Link Launched

David Gilbert


Logitech Harmony Link Launched

Earlier in the summer we reported on the launch of the Griffin Beacon which turned your iPhone/iPad into a universal remote control, and Logitech has now announced its own version.

The Logitech Harmony Link, when combined with its very own app for iPad, aims to turn your iPad into “the smartest remote in the house.”

The iPad app will pull in local TV listings and let you browse them before tuning in with the flick of a switch. The solid black puck will set you back $99 in the United States where it is only available at the moment.

Logitech Harmony Link

The Logitech Harmony can replace up to eight remote controls and currently supports more than 5,000 brands with more being added all the time. It is even capable of learning IR commands from other remotes so you’ll be able to control all aspects of your devices.

The device itself is an oval black puck with the only cable being the power cable. It connects to your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch (iOS 4.0 or above) or Android smartphone (2.x or above) over Wi-Fi and has a built-in infra-red blaster to control nearby devices.

One neat feature is the activity based interface which means with one flick of a switch will let you set up your entire system with whatever your have preset for that activity, such as watching TV, playing games or watching a movie.

While the iPad app lets you view TV listings, the iPhone, iPod touch and Android apps don’t have this function at the moment.

The Harmony Link is available to pre-order in the States at the moment and we are waiting to hear from Logitech regarding availability in other regions.

Source: Logitech


September 20, 2011, 7:50 pm

Cool idea, and it's about time Logitech joined the iOS/Android party.

However, this thing is likely to cost as much as a pretty decent Harmony remote, perhaps the 650 or even the One. IMHO, after owning a handful of Pronto and Harmony remotes, I came to the conclusion that touchscreens don't make for good remote controls. The touchscreen turns frequent commands (like changing volume) into a chore. My touchscreen Prontos had programmable hardware buttons and d-pads to mitigate this, but an iPad has almost none of these physical controls.

I'd rather have a 'proper' remote for the money, thanks.


September 20, 2011, 8:10 pm

I'm tentatively interested in something like this, however anything more than £50 is too much...


September 21, 2011, 1:59 am

Sheesh; I almost stopped reading thinking it was iOS-only! Numerous mentions of iPhones and iPads; even the blurb on the homepage only mentions the iPad.

You do know Android users outnumber iOS users?

I tried using a PDA (Loox 720) as a remote a while back (it had IR). I found that I wasn't comfortable keeping it sitting beside me on the sofa or on the arm of the sofa. I think I'd find the same thing with my (you guessed it, Android) smartphone, and I reckon a tablet is bulky enough to be annoying to pick up just to change the volume.

Still this will work for some I'm sure, and it's a cool idea.

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