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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer on Lionhead closure: “I’m not sure I’m so loved right now”



Xbox boss Phil Spencer has reassured fans that the Xbox brand “isn’t going anywhere” following the closure of Lionhead Studios.

Microsoft has closed a number of development studios this week, including Lionhead Studios, creator of the Fable franchise.

In response to a fan’s question on Twitter, Spencer said "I'm proud of the games our 1P Studios have shipped on XB1. Our plan is continue to build new IP and expand our franchises."

The closure of Lionhead Studios earlier this week also saw the cancellation of Fable Legends, a free-to-play title that had been in development for several years.

"It's impossible to go into all the detail and I apologize for that," Spencer said. “Just know I'm committed to our 1P [first-party]."

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Following the closure of Lionhead, Microsoft also announced the termination of five more studios (via Videogamer), including BigPark, LXP, Function Studios, SOTA and Good Science.

It seems that Microsoft wants to focus on stronger AAA franchises as opposed to smaller efforts, which may not please some fans.

Phil Spencer tweeted to fan that “I'm not sure I'm so loved right now (not looking for sympathy), Gamer passion is strong.”

The company doesn’t seem happy about the decision, and hopefully it was the right one to make.

Are you upset about the closure of Lionhead Studios? Let us know in the comments below.


March 9, 2016, 11:16 am

i'm moreso upset on HOW it was shut down and not that it was shut down. Many of us were looking forward to fable legends for years now. Some of us bought an xbox and a windows 10 machine because of it. Now a month or so before the release it was cancelled.


March 9, 2016, 11:23 am

I'm glad fable legends was scrapped. Terrible game idea.

I'm upset Microsoft is going for a triple a game style... Especially after major nelsons assurances about smaller devs.

Also upset lionhead is closing. Despite wasting time and resource on two terrible ideas they made decent to fair games worth my coin...

Microsoft making bad choices here.

Mike E. Delta

March 10, 2016, 3:20 pm

Well, the difference is they need small devs but the small devs don't necessarily need them...I mean, things are more in favor for indies these days anyhow right? =[

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