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Limited Edition GTA 5 Strategy Guide release confirmed

Luke Johnson


GTA 5 Strategy Guide
GTA 5 Strategy Guide

A Limited Edition GTA 5 Strategy Guide has been confirmed, with BradyGames partnering with publisher Rockstar to release the walkthrough guide for the upcoming title.

With a GTA 5 release date set for September 17 having been delayed beyond its originally billed ‘spring 2013’ arrival, BradyGames has now confirmed that it will launch two GTA 5 Strategy Guides alongside the eagerly awaited game. Lining up alongside the standard guide, a limited edition hardback offering will be made available.

Featuring a complete walkthrough of the full GTA 5 single-player storyline, the standard edition of the strategy guide will see the complete array of mini-games and off-mission activities listed. Character bios, detailed maps and an introduction to GTA Online are also included.

Building on this, the limited edition option features a more robust hardback design brimmed with a collection of GTA 5 illustrations. On top of this, an exclusive lithograph of all the official GTA 5 artwork will be included.

With GTA 5 Strategy Guide pre-orders now open, those keen to discover all the ins and outs of the Los Santos based game can secure their copies of the guidebooks from a selection of retailers. While the standard edition will set wannabe owners back £14.99, the limited edition release has been priced at a penny short of £20.

At present a GTA 5 release date has been confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles only. Despite being set to hit retailer just weeks ahead of the next-gen console arrivals, Rockstar has failed to confirm whether or not a GTA 5 Xbox One or PS4 launch will be made available.

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July 26, 2013, 2:30 pm



September 11, 2013, 9:39 pm

why is it that you pay 150.00 for the collectors edition why do you have to pay 40.00 forthe guide and you have to pre order some people cant afford that!!!

Jimmy John

September 13, 2013, 4:54 pm

@990be150beda60983960978c88290d96 That's the whole point of collector's/special editions, dummy, to own something exclusive, something that not everyone else will have. You can always just get the regular edition and stop whining

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