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Like Spotify’s Discover Weekly? You’ll probably love Release Radar


Spotify Release Radar

Spotify’s Discover Weekly is one of our favourite ways to hear music related to stuff we already like.

Now Spotify is taking the tech on a step, with a personalised weekly playlist bringing brand new tunes the firm’s powerful Discover algorithms reckon you’ll dig.

The Release Radar playlist is updated every Friday with the latest releases from artists you follow and listen to. Spotify says some “new discoveries based on your recent listening habits” will also be “sprinkled in.”

The company says it’ll also complement the New Music Friday playlist, which features artists the listener may not have discovered yet.

“With the huge amount of new music released every week, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest tracks,” says Matt Ogle, Senior Product Owner at Spotify, in a blog post on Friday.

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With Release Radar, we wanted to create the simplest way for you to find all the newly released music that matters the most to you, in one playlist.

The Swedish streaming giant says, just like Discover Weekly, the Release Radar will continue to improve the more you listen to it.

Spotify certainly hit the sweet spot with Discover Weekly, overcoming years of frustration with algorithmic music discovery tools.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the firm can push on here and introduce us to new releases with confidence we’ll love them.

Have you taken Release Radar for its first spin? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


August 5, 2016, 9:08 pm

Discover Weekly started off well for me and most months there were several songs I liked enough to save. I'd listen to that playlist most of the week.

Then it went downhill and month after month there was nothing that stood out. I wonder if it became sponsored. Anyway I stopped bothering with it.


August 8, 2016, 9:23 am

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