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Life is Strange Season 2: What we'd love to see


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DONTNOD Entertainment has confirmed that Life is Strange Season Two is officially in development. Here's what we know so far, and what we want to see.

The first Life is Strange adventure has sold over 3 million copies to date, boasting an emotionally resonant episodic outing that is simply one of a kind.

It’s unlikely we’ll see a continuation of Max and Chloe’s story given how their story concluded, but we’re more than ready for another journey through Life is Strange’s beautiful world.

TrustedReviews has put together everything we’d love to see from Life is Strange Season 2 alongside all the info on its release date, gameplay, trailers, story and more.

What is Life is Strange Season 2?

DONTNOD Entertainment is yet to announce where Life is Strange Season 2 will take place or which characters it will follow. It remains unclear whether Max and Chloe will return, or if we’ll see a whole new cast of characters.

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The use of ‘season 2’ in the announcement video leads us to believe that it will once again be an episodic experience.

life is strange

Life is Strange Season 2 release date – when is it coming out?

According to DONTNOD, this second season has been in development since the first launched on disc back in January 2016. Knowing this, we could see news on a release date in the very near future.

Square Enix has already said It won’t be at E3 2017, though.

Life is Strange Season 2 story – What’s it about?

We have no idea. It will likely follow a new cast of characters in a unique setting. So long as it retains the stellar storytelling and art-style of the original, you can count us in.

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life is strange 2

Life is Strange Season 2 trailer – How does it look?

We’ve yet to see any footage of Life is Strange Season 2 in action. All we have is this development diary from DONTNOD Entertainment touching upon the project’s existence:

Life is Strange Season 2 wishlist – What we want to see

A whole new cast of characters

No matter which ending you picked, Life is Strange felt like it reached a natural conclusion. We won’t spoil what happens, but Max and Chloe’s journey is over, and it’d feel right for a different duo of teenage protagonists to pick up the mantle.

A new setting wouldn’t go amiss either, giving us a new environment we can discover alongside our characters as they encounter societal dilemmas and perhaps more time-manipulating powers. We’d love to keep the teenage angle, though, Life is Strange, silly dialogue aside, accurately depicted the struggles some young people go through both in school and at home.

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LIfe is Strange

Maintain the balance of sci-fi and drama

In the original season, Max slowly came to realise she had the ability to manipulate the time and space around her. She used this power to save her friends, journey to the past and even get herself taken hostage. You know, the usual stuff.

Despite how outlandish this may seem at first, it rarely pulled away from the human drama lying at the centre of Life is Strange. Max and Chloe’s relationship remained the crux, merely spurred on by the presence of a cleverly implemented sci-fi trope.

If the second outing aims to follow a similar idea, we’d love to see the masterful balance from the first season return. Life is Strange is and never was a fully-fledged sci-fi thriller, and should never strive to be one. Tackling progressive themes through poignant character drama is what DONTNOD has proven to do best.

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life is strange

Another killer soundtrack

Life is Strange managed to convey so many emotions simply through the use of music. Ingeniously executed musical cues blended together with the colourful aesthetic to create some truly breathtaking moments. We’re not afraid to admit we cried like idiots during the final episode, either. NO SHAME!

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Max leaving her classroom to the tune of ‘American Girl’ during the first episode’s introduction still resonates with us. It perfectly encapsulated the unpredictable malaise of college life with feelings of anxiety and wonder spread throughout.

Keep up the progressive themes

One of the main reasons Life is Strange resonated with so many people was its unwillingness to hold back in the face of controversial issues. During its five episodes we saw the themes of bullying, anxiety and even suicide tackled in an uncompromising light.

How Max, and by extension, the player, reacted to these moments reinforced the strength of DONTNOD’s storytelling. How would we react to such things if we had the power to go back and change them in real life? It’s scary yet fascinating to think about, and is something games don’t do enough.

Excited about Life is Strange 2? Let us know in the comments.

Steve C

May 22, 2017, 2:32 pm

I'd like to add to the list:

• Perfect lip syncing.

It was the one major flaw to the game, which was otherwise near perfect.

Craig Young

June 1, 2017, 5:03 pm

I disagree with writer here, While LIS DID reach a comfortable ending, It doesn't mean its all over for Chloe and Max, Not by a long shot. There is SO much UN-explained the list is too long to put here but lists are out there.

I saw somewhere that they have been working on LIS2 for nearly a year now, even at low priority thats still a fair amount of ground work, Couple that with the supposed leaks, And it does in fact look like Max and Chloe (Chloe and Rachel) At least are in, So A prequel, witch would mean a DEFINITE squeal.

Its no secret that episode 5 was delayed, much more than any of the others, because they changed the ending, Why would they do that, From what I read about how the game was made, the script was done LONG before any art works or actual programming was done, I can only coe to one conclusion, They changed the ending after seeing how popular the game was, because they WANTED a sequel and or prequel.

I admit I'm a bit of a pricefield fan, And a little part of me will die if LIS2 doesnt have Max and or Chloe in it, those two work so well together. But I'd still probably end up buying it :P

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