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LG Unveils Optimus Q2 QWERTY Slider

David Gilbert


LG Optimus Q2

With the penchant for touchscreen-only, super-slim smartphones recently, the day of the slider QWERTY keyboard on handsets seemed to have been numbered.

However last year LG launched the Optimus Q in Asia with just such a slideout keyboard and such was its popularity that the South Korean company has announced a follow-up.

The LG Optimus Q2 is a high-end smartphone which manages to cram in a slide out keyboard without compromising on bulk too much. While the current crop of market leading smartphones offer a barely-there sub-10mm profile, the Optimus Q2 manages to keeps its profile down to just 12.3mm despite the presence of the keyboard.

LG Optimus Q2

It has also boosted the screen size from 3.5in to 4in with the LCD screen being of the superior IPS variety. It will run a version of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) when it launches in LG’s home territory next week. Under the hood is a 1.2GHz Tegra 2 processor, which is better than most high-end devices.

Also present will be a five megapixel camera on the rear, a front-facing VGA camera and support for Wi-Fi Direct sa opposed to Bluetooth.

Whether the phone will ever land in these parts is as yet unknown, but since the Optimus Q failed to ever arrive, you might just have to hop on a plane to South Korea if you want to get your hands on an Optimus Q2.

Via: Engadget

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