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LG Promising 55in OLED TV Next Year

David Gilbert


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We’ve already seen 15in and 31in OLED TVs from LG with the results proving every bit as good as we could have expected. Now the South Korean manufacturer is going big and promising a 55in OLED TV by the second half of 2012.

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology has long been touted as the next step in TV evolution and while prices still remain prohibitively high, the picture quality has proved itself to be peerless – with our very own TV guru, John Archer gushing about the 15in model saying it “produces some of the finest pictures we’ve ever seen on any TV, period." High praise indeed.

LG OLED 55in

At an event in South Korea to announce the company’s latest set of financial results, LG Display CEO, Kwon Young-soo revealed that the company is planning bring to market a 55in OLED TV in the second half of 2012. Kwon claims that there is “no point in continuing to concentrate efforts on small- and medium-sized OLED display technology, [which are] mainly used for tablets and other mobile devices. We will make no more investment in the sector, judging that the OLED business is relatively less profitable than other products in the mobile sector.”

LG plans on being cautious with the level of production for these new TVs with the volume likely to be in the tens of thousands rather than a full roll out and considering the stuttering take up of high-end 3D HDTVs, the South Korean manufacturer can’t be blamed for being a little cautious.

With the 15in model costing in or around £1,500 we are a little scared to find out the price tag for a 55in OLED behemoth but surely whatever price tag LG slaps on its new TV, it’ll be worth it when watching The Only Way Is Essex in all it’s tango-coloured glory.

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