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LG Optimus 2X Users Reporting Problems [Exclusive][Updated]

David Gilbert


LG Optimus 2X

Touted as the world’s first dual-core smartphone, LG’s Optimus 2X seems to be running into problems with users reporting that its screen freezes and the handset reboots for no particular reason.

LG has failed to respond to questions from users regarding the problems with its flagship device and an online petition has been set up to get LG to respond to the issue. The thread on the XDA Developers website regarding this problem now extends to 103 pages with users from all over the world reporting similar issues. The problem with the handsets seems to be manifesting itself in one of two ways. The first is that the screen freezes and goes black (cheerily nicknamed bas the "black screen of death" by users), yet the phone remains on (verified by using Android Debug Bridge (adb) and running logcat). Pressing any of the buttons on the phone including the power button has no effect and the only option left to users is to pull out the battery and reboot. The second problem being reported (which is also being reported in the HTC Desire S but to a much lesser degree) is that the handset randomly reboots itself from time to time.

LG Optimus 2X - Facebook

Another issue with the handset, as reported in the forums, is that the phone gets very warm when connected to the supplied charger. One reader who contacted us said he had suffered from the screen freezing on multiple occasions on the first day he got it and when he got a replacement handset the problem returned but less frequently. The reader's wife also bought an Optimus 2X and had similar problems. While a lot of the users reporting problems have handsets which are rooted and with custom ROMs, the problem is also showing up in standard non-rooted handsets. As well as the petition, a Facebook page has been set up specifically to address the problem. We contacted LG in the UK this morning and have so far not heard anything back from them regarding the issue.

We currently have an Optimus 2X in the office for review and we haven’t seen any such issues however there is clearly a problem which needs to be addressed and LG’s failure to respond will only make people more frustrated. LG was quick to point out that it had managed to get the title of world’s first dual-core phone into the Guinness Book of Records but maybe in rushing the handset to market it failed to test it properly. While the forum's users are clearly aggrieved at the lack of response from LG, they are also full of praise for other aspects of the phone including build quality, speed and looks.

Hopefully LG will get in touch with us soon to clarify what the position is regarding the handsets but if any of you have had bought the Optimus 2X and seen similar problems, let us know in the comments.

Update: LG got back in touch with us last night and confirmed that it was aware of the problem that “a few Optimus 2x customers are occasionally experiencing random device shut-offs. While this does not affect every customer, LG regrets the inconvenience this has caused.”

LG has determined the cause of the problem (though it has declined to say what it is) and has developed a software update to fix it. The update can be found here.

Once users download and run the application they simply need to connect the handset via USB. The application should then pick up the details of the handset and users simply need to press the upgrade button to perform the upgrade. It will take approx 20-30mins to perform the update and the new version is called v10D.

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