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LG not threatened by the possibility of Apple iTV launch

Luke Johnson


Apple iTV concept
Apple iTV concept

With Apple iTV release rumours continuing to circulate, LG has suggested that it is not threatened by the possibility of an Apple TV launch.

One of the most eagerly awaited devices expected to come from the Cupertino company, Apple iTV rumours have been doing the rounds for over a year with, Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs having suggesting he had ‘finally cracked’ the TV market shortly before his death in late 2011.

Despite the potentially damaging effect an Apple iTV launch could have on rival TV manufacturers, LG has suggested that is not threatened by an Apple branded television, suggesting the iPad maker’s widespread brand appeal would not cancel out its lack of experience in the market.

Although suggesting an Apple iTV launch would offer renewed competition in the TV sector, Korean manufacturer LG has hinted that Apple would be starting from scratch once again in a market that possesses a number of big name rivals.

“If Apple came into the market, yes, of course, it would be stiff competition, no doubt, everybody would have to say that,” Andy Mackay, LG’s UK Commercial Director of Consumer Electronics told TrustedReviews at the company’s headquarters in Seoul.

He added: “We are up against some strong, premium brands, but I wouldn’t underestimate the power of the brands which are there at the moment because although Apple is a great brand, it would have to establish a pedigree in new areas.”

With the TV sector currently making the jump from LED and Plasma to OLED and 4K units, Mackay has suggested that in such a fiercely fought arena, no one company possesses the power or ability to completely redefine the TV market overnight, a trick Apple has previously pulled with smartphones and tablets in the form of the iPhone and iPad.

“I don’t think even the power of Apple could redefine market places,” Mackay said. “I don’t think any of the leading brands can reinvent the market. What we can do is reinvent our position in it. What we are doing is reinforcing our place within the market.

With LG acknowledging the threat of a potential Apple iTV release with a balanced amount of caution, previous rumours have suggested an Apple iTV launch could he held later this year, with a 46-inch Apple TV hitting retailers ahead of the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

Expected to be a device with a considerable price tag, further Apple iTV reports have hinted that the television units will boast integrated gesture controls and sport an iOS style user interface and app store.


April 16, 2013, 2:32 pm

>> suggesting the iPad maker’s widespread brand appeal would not cancel out its lack of experience in the market.

Yes, because there total lack of experience in the mobile market made the original iPhone a flop.. Oh, hang on tick, I might have that wrong.. :)


April 16, 2013, 3:05 pm

And the total lack of expreence in the music market and tablet market really kept Apple of owning both those market


April 16, 2013, 4:01 pm

The TV market can be redefined, like all consumer tech markets, by software. TVs made by existing manufacturers are crippled by poor software, which makes it a chore to use them as anything more than a dumb display connected to a smart device.

LG might be right, and Apple might not be able to revolutionise TV hardware alone and overnight. But Apple might be able to revolutionise the way TVs are controlled, and how we find and select content, through innovative software interfaces. That's how they redefined the music and phone markets. And that's how they can redefine the TV market.

If it were up to me, I would like to have a TV controlled entirely through a second-screen controller on tablet/smartphone. I'm not talking about cursor buttons to control a menu system displayed on the TV screen. I'm talking about the full system of menus, options, guides, content libraries and services displayed on and controlled a multi-platform tablet/smartphone app, with the TV screen doing only what it was always intended for - displaying video content. No more cheap remotes with confusing buttons, no more silly gesture or voice controls, no more pointless on-screen menu systems. I want all of the menus, options and controls where they belong - in the palm of my hand, where I can touch them easily.

If Apple can give me that, then I will give them my money, and LG can sit back and watch while they redefine the TV market.

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