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LG Launches Ultra-thin Nano Full LED TVs

David Gilbert


LG Launches Ultra-thin Nano Full LED TVs

LG has outted a couple of eye-wateringly thin 2D TVs as well as continuing to go down the passive 3D route with three new TVs which use the polarization method of projecting 3D images.

Thinner is better as far as flatscreen TVs go and LG is certainly taking this mantra on board with its new Nano Full LED TVs. The 47in 47LZ9600 and the 55in 55LZ9600 are both a razor-sharp 8.8mm thin, which should be sleek enough for even the most minimal of living rooms. The IPS panel used in both TVs has a resolution of 1980 x 1080p and both come with a built-in tuner and support USB HDD recording. Included in the stand (which is optional) are three HDMI ports though the TV can obviously also be wall mounted. Both are expected to hit the shelves in Japan later this month costing ¥290,000 (£2,225) and ¥330,000 (£2,550) respectively. Hopefully they’ll be released in other regions without too much delay.

LG Nano Full LED

The decision to go for passive or active 3D displays is one which is a personal choice and a battle which won’t be resolved any time soon. LG is firmly backing the former system and has released three new Cinema 3D models, which use the polarization method of creating 3D images. The three sizes are the 32in 32LW5700, 42in 42LW5700 and the larger 47in 47LW5700. All models will come with a couple of passive 3D glasses, though considering they’re not that expensive a few more pairs wouldn’t have been too much trouble, would it? Anyway, the IPS panel is the same as the Nano Full LED models above with a native 1080p resolution. These also have built-in tuners and support USB HDD recording. Price wise, the 47in model is shipping in Japan this month for ¥230,000 (£1,765), the 42in model will set you back ¥180,000 (£1,380) and the 32in model will cost ¥150,000 (£1,150).

LG Cinema 3D

Hopefully we’ll see these stunning looking TVs in this part of the world soon and once we get word from LG, we’ll let you know.

Source: Impress

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