LG G7 ThinQ render confirms iPhone X-style screen notch and more

LG G7 ThinQ: Release date, specs, leaks, rumours and news

We now know that the next major phone release from LG in 2018 will be the LG G7 ThinQ, but what will it look like and should you be excited? Let’s take a look at the latest leaked LG G7 ThinQ renders and find out more about the LG G7 ThinQ’s release date and specs. Everything you need to know about the LG G7 is right here in one handy place.

The image above comes to us from renowned mobile tipster Evan Blass, perhaps better known by his @evleaks Twitter handle.

As it’s a press render, it doesn’t reveal too much, but it does seemingly confirm a handful of key LG G7 ThinQ design features, namely a curved metal chassis and – no surprises here – a notch nestled at the top of the display.

There’s also large physical button the G7’s right-hand side, probably a power key, and the serial leaker references the ThinQ moniker – which adds little to the party beyond LG’s insistence that it represents AI smarts.

Here’s Blass’ tweet in full.

Prior to this, we had another look at the LG G7 ThinQ courtesy of the folks at Android Headlines, and it also looks like the real deal (although we can’t confirm this).

It’s an equally classic promo image that seems to show off the G7 ThinQ’s full range of colours, with ‘Aurora Black’, ‘Platinum Grey’, ‘Moroccan Blue’, ‘Moroccan Blue (Matte)’, and ‘Raspberry Rose’ all on display.

The folks at AH tell us that Aurora Black will be the ‘default’ colour, with the other flavours coming as customisations for select regions – we’d imagine the UK would get a handful of the options depicted, but not necessarily all of them.

Elsewhere, there’s not a whole lot else to speak of at this stage. It looks like the G7 ThinQ will be getting a ‘notch’ on its display, as is the current (unfortunate) fad for Android devices looking to ape the iPhone X, while the dual-camera setup shown on the back also seems likely to materialise.

The photo also intriguingly shows Tuesday May 30 on its Home screen, which could hint at a final release date for the G7 ThinQ. That’s us speculating a bit there, but stranger things have happened.

Here’s an unadulterated version of Android Headlines’ photo for your retinal pleasure.

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LG G7 ThinQ

LG has a launch event scheduled for May 2 in New York City, so expect to learn more about the G7 ThinQ in the coming weeks ahead of the big reveal itself. Alternatively, read on for more details of the LG G7 ThinQ’s release date and specs.

LG G7 ThinQ specs and release date

The G7 ThinQ will be LG’s second major effort of 2018, following on from the launch of the LG V30s at MWC earlier in the year.

As we’ve said, the company will be holding a May 2 LG G7 launch event in New York, as well as a May 3 G7 ThinQ reveal on its home turf in Seoul, South Korea – we’ll be attending the latter, making this your one-stop-shop for everything LG G7 ThinQ.

Now, on to some rough spec details.

When dealing with an international manufacturer, there’s always a risk of information being lost in translation – but we didn’t have to worry about that when the G7 first leaked in plain sight.

The LG G7 was referenced in a support page on the firm’s UK website, so all the crucial details were written in plain English. The documentation, which was subsequently pulled, was first spotted by Romanian Android blog Androidu, stated that the “Future LG G7” will be compatible with Qualcomm’s all-new Quick Charge 4.0 technology.

This told us that the device will ship with the chipmaker’s new-gen Snapdragon 845 processor, which isn’t a surprise, as one of the reasons we believe LG held back on launching the G7 ThinQ at MWC earlier this year is because Samsung and its new Galaxy S9 flagship had first dibs on the new-gen SoC.

Other glimpses of the LG G7 moniker subsequently were spotted on the Play Store, after LG prematurely uploaded its long-rumoured LG Wallet application, before lifting it later the same day.

Now, LG has itself confirmed that the G7 ThinQ will be its 2018 flagship, and while official specs are still scant, we do know that it will have a heavy focus on AI functionality.

In between confirming some borderline hideous branding, LG tells us:

“The LG G7ThinQ is an evolution of the foundation laid by the LG V30SThinQ, the first LG smartphone to embrace AI as part of its core features. The V30SThinQ incorporates AI technologies that enhances the most frequently used features including voice recognition and Vision AI to improve camera convenience. The LG G7ThinQ will offer improved interconnectivity with LG devices such as home appliances, TVs, and more.”

We’ll no doubt learn even more shortly!

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