LG G7 could launch early to take on Samsung’s Galaxy S9 at CES 2018

LG’s G7 could be released earlier than expected next year ready to take on Samsung’s Galaxy S9, which is due to make its debut at CES in January.

At least that’s according to industry rumours heard by Business Korea, which reckon LG will also show off its next flagship Android phone at CES as well.

That would be a bold move, as Samsung is arguably the top phone maker around, having garnered attention with the Galaxy S8 and its Infinity Display and then released the Galaxy Note 8 later on in the year to much acclaim.

LG did launch the G6 with its 18:9 aspect ratio display which was rather innovative at the time, and some of the phone’s success can be credited to having launched before the Galaxy S8. But launching at the same event as the Galaxy S9 could prove one step to far for LG, unless it has a legion of die-hard fans waiting in the wings.

Both tech giants will be ahead of their normal phone release schedule if they do indeed launch flagships at CES. But it would mean they get ahead of the mobile phone release deluge that is MWC in late February.

Of course, neither the LG G7 or Galaxy S9 have even been confirmed, so much of the rumours are simply industry gossip and speculation.

However, both companies are very likely to reveal new phones, whether they’re revolutionary or simply an evolution of their predecessors. Either way CES 2018 is set to be an interesting time, so make sure to check back with us come January.

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