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LG G4 tipped to land with 3K display



A mystery LG device touting a mega 3K display has been unearthed in a leaked Verizon document.

The handset, tagged up under the model number LG-VS999, touts a screen resolution of 1620 x 2880, as reported by MyLGPhones.

Premium smartphones up until this point have typically used full HD 1080p or 2K displays, which marks this new device as assuredly pricy.

Such a high-resolution screen seems fitting only for a flagship model, which puts this particular panel firmly in LG G4 territory.

What’s more, the LG G3's model number was LG-VS985, which means the -999 model number on this new device could very well signal a G4 sequel.

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But do we really need a smartphone to boast such a high resolution display? Many would argue no, as higher resolution display panels demand significantly more juice from batteries.

The rise of low-cost VR could create a push for higher resolution screens however, as the smartphone-based tech requires handsets to be placed mere centimetres from your retinas, making every pixel count.

It’s worth noting that Verizon often demands handset modifications from manufacturers to sell on its service, to differentiate its devices from other network providers.

This could very well be an example of that, especially as a previous leak suggested that the AT&T LG G4 would come with a slightly lower 1440 x 2560 screen resolution.


January 30, 2015, 10:18 pm

For the VR definitely; even on the Note 4 it's a very pixelated, grainy image. So if ridiculous phone screens gives VR what it needs then I'm in favour :o)


February 1, 2015, 1:48 pm

Unless it comes with 0 battery penalty id rather not have a 3k or 4k screen in a phone. Most phones struggle to be used fully for a day as it is.

VR another a gimmick that the tech people want but will it see mass ownership in the next few years thats the big question. Even in gaming VR has a long way to go to prove its viable the usability of the UI is the big unanswered question as the resolution goes up the UI size gets smaller and smaller to the point where its basically unreadable.

Its a problem Elite and Star citizen have yet to prove they can solve and they are the 2 big hopes for the tech.

I dout id want to have the smartphone on top of my eyes to use it either. That sounds rather unsafe to me. ( If the mere CMs claim in article is not just total rubbish ) Imagine walking around a city centre with the phone that close to your eyes your going to hit somebody and break that phone.

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