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LG G Watch R specs and images released


G Watch R
LG G Watch R

Following hot on the heels of yesterday's teaser, LG has released the specs and a batch of photos for the LG G Watch R.

Yesterday's reveal came in the form of a Facebook teaser for the new fashion-forward Android Wear smartwatch. Today's information splurge shows LG in far less bashful mood.

We now know exactly what the LG G Watch R will look like courtesy of some nifty fashion shots. It will indeed be LG's attempt at a round smartwatch, like the Motorola Moto 360.

In fact, at first glance it looks a lot like a normal watch, with the company using a detailed watch-face skin to show off its design credentials.

Things get more exciting on the spec front. According to LG, the G Watch R will feature a 1.3-inch circular plastic OLED display - the world's first, no less. This allows it to utilise 100 percent of the watch's display, no doubt a subtle dig at the 'flat tire' shape of the long-delayed Moto 360. It'll also make for an extremely vibrant display that's hopefully viewable even in direct sunlight, and from any angle.

Powering the LG G Watch R will be a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU and 512MB of RAM, with 4GB of internal storage. That's the same spec as the original LG G Watch.

One subtle difference is the battery, which appears to have been bumped up ever to slightly to a 410mAh unit.

The G Watch R is dust and water proof to IP67 standard, and is designed to run for up to 30 minutes in a metre of water. No problems washing your hands whilst wearing this beauty.

LG uses all kinds of flowery language in the press blurb for the G Watch R, including mention of "artisanal elegance" and "a refined aesthetic that is reminiscent of traditional timepieces." It's clearly shooting beyond the first generation of smartwatches, which were clever-but-ugly, to something a little more refined.

With Apple's iWatch set to take a bow in less than two weeks, that's probably a good idea.

The LG G Watch R will get its first public showing at IFA 2014 from September 5 to 10. It'll hit shops some time early in the fourth quarter, with pricing yet to be announced.

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G Watch R 2

Prem Desai

August 28, 2014, 12:36 pm

Why did LG release the G watch and then come up with something much better just 2 months later?

They're only hurting themselves as now everyone will be waiting for the next model (hopefully better) which will probably be a few weeks away......

I was hoping to compare Motorala's 360 when it came out against the G watch, but now I know that LG is not on my shortlist as they're making their models obsolete within weeks.


August 28, 2014, 5:12 pm

Hi Prem, I think that, as any new market, this is evolving rapidly, with many players involved and not only for hardware, but for software too, now we have bunch of players there trying to win the hardware market. Perhaps Google was pushing LG (among others) to release "something" with Android in it as Samsung was turning to Tizen. Besides, anyone buying a "first of a kind" product should be aware that it comes with the cost that it soon be obsolete as manufacturers are putting a lot of effort in learning new hardware tricks and consumers' wishes, and they all want to have the best product out the soonest. But hey, you were the first one between your friends to have a smartwatch, how cool is that? ;) And remember that they are only announcing the device, so it will take at least another 2 months to get it out.

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