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LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV out now



LG has become the first manufacturer to launch an Ultra HD or 4K TV set in the West.

The LG 84LM9600, which was revealed in South Korea back in August, has been launched in the US. It's also showing as available now in the UK on LG's UK website under the name of the LG 84LM960V.

The TV comes with a staggering 84-inch LCD display, but the most impressive thing about the screen is that it sports an Ultra HD (UHD) resolution, otherwise known as 4K.

Ultra HD means that the TV display has around 4,000 horizontal pixels, which is roughly four times as many as a standard Full HD 1080p TV set. The LG 84LM9600 display's stated resolution is actually 3840 x 2160p, which equates to around six million extra pixels overall.

Ultimately, LG claims that this means "it’s nearly impossible to discern a single pixel – even from inches away."

In addition, the LG 84LM9600 (or the LG 84LM960V) comes with 50W audio and 2.2 stereo sound, which includes two subwoofers for some serious audio punch. The set also comes with full 3D capability.


You also get LG Smart TV and LG's Magic Remote, which is a motion controller rather like the Nintendo Wii's for pinpoint interface interaction.

There's a considerable price for all this cutting edge technology. The LG 84LM9600 will set customers back a rather staggering $19,999.99. That's actually significantly cheaper than the Sony KD-84X9005 we reviewed recently, and which should be hitting shops over the next few months.

Of course, the price is even steeper when you consider that there's actually very little Ultra HD content out there right now, and there's no guarantee that it will be adopted as the next major standard. Indeed, some feel that 8K - double the number of horizontal pixels - is the next major step forward.

As LG itself put it in a little disclaimed in the LG 84LM9600 blurb: "No “ultra high definition” or '4K' video content is currently available. No broadcast or other standard currently exists for '4K' or 'ultra high definition' television and the 84LM9800 may not be compatible with such standards if and when developed."

One might say that this a TV for the seriously rich and short sighted, then. Still, isn't it pretty?

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October 29, 2012, 2:01 pm

$20k for an LG product ??!!! Forget it guys. It may be the best TV on the planet, but it just won't sell.

No matter which way you look at it, LG is a budget brand - stack them high and seel them cheap. They do this well and should stick to it.

Barry Lee

July 4, 2013, 7:33 am

make them cheaper you may sell them retail them for 2k you will sell them in the 1000s
its pure greed no tv is worth 20k

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