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Lenovo Roadmap Leaked

David Gilbert


Lenovo Roadmap Leaked

A PDF sent to Lenovo's partners shows the company is planning on introducing an updated to the X121e laptop and a Hybrid version of the X1 in the coming month as well as preparing two ThinkPad ultrabooks for the middle of 2012.

We are currently reviewing the Lenovo ThinkPad X121e here at TrustedReviews but even as we put the X121e through its paces, details of the update to this 11.6in laptop have emerged.

The Lenovo X130e is set to be available before the end of 2012 and will retain the 11.6in form factor of its predecessor but will come with a better “island-style” full-sized keyboard, a more rugged design and a longer battery life of up to eight hours.

It will also be a lot tougher. The Lenovo ThinkPad X130e will have a rubber bumper around the top cover to absorb bumps from the side. It will have stronger corners, bexel, hinges as well as stronger ports.

Picture: pipcleaves Flickr

In the picture above, the new laptop has a silver cover compared to the matt black on the current model, but the leaked PDF also shows black and red choices will be available.

No pricing is available yet for the ThinkPad X130e but we should be seeing an official announcement soon from Lenovo.

Also leaked in the PDF was Lenovo’s plan for a hybrid version of its ThinkPad X1 which should be available later this month. The ThinkPad X1 Hybrid will see Lenovo’s own heavily skinned version of Android coming to its X1 laptop.

The X1 Hybrid will let you switch between Windows to an “Instant Media Mode” which is designed for web and multimedia use and promises to double the battery life of the laptop to 10 hours for web browsing and eight hours for video playback.

What isn’t clear from the leaked PDF is whether this will be a situation of dual booting Android and Windows or if you will be able to quickly switch between the two OSes as you want. We won’t have to wait long however with this Hybrid model due to be launched later this month.

Finally from the leaked PDF, is news that Lenovo is planning on adding two ThinkPad-branded ultrabooks to its line-up by the middle of next year. Lenovo has already given us the IdeaPad U300s ultrabook (below), but the new models will improve on these beginnings.

The PDF shows that the first "premium" model will be a 13in Thinkpad ultrabook which will be a follow-on from the X1 and will cost in excess of $1,300. Alongside this will be a 14in "mainstream" product which will cost $800.

These ultrabooks will be more “commercial” compared to the “consumer” IdeaPads and will be running Intel’s Chief River platform powered by the 22nm Ivy Bridge chips. Regular ThinkPads should be getting the Ivy Bridge treatment in March or April according to Lenovo.

Lenovo also dropped a little hint about Windows 8, saying that it expects Windows 8 will be available for shipment on its laptops and tablets in Autumn next year.

Source: Lenovo Partner PDF

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