Y-wing flies back into the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series

Star Wars Day 2018 will see the arrival of a new addition to the LEGO Ultimate Collector Series – the Y-wing starfighter.

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After last year’s monumental Millennium Falcon, the next set to join LEGO’s Ultimate Collector Series was always going to have a hard time making an impact. The solution? Pick arguably the coolest starfighter in the entire Star Wars universe.

The new UCS Y-wing (No.75181) comprises 1966 pieces to make this iconic ship 61cm long, 30cm wide and 7cm tall. That’s around half again the size of the Rogue One Y-wing (No.75172), with nearly three times as many pieces. It also comes with a Gold Leader mini-figure and R2-BHD astromech droid, as well as a tilting display stand with an info panel.

This isn’t the first time the Y-wing has had the UCS treatment, but the previous version (No.10134) came way back in 2004 and was made up of ‘just’ 1473 pieces. The new version doesn’t just have almost 500 more parts, but it appears to use far more Technic pieces for added detail.

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Y-wing will land on May 4 for £169.99, available exclusively from LEGO Stores and shop.LEGO.com.

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