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Fujifilm X10 Officially Launched

David Gilbert


Fujifilm X10

Update: AS we suspected yesterday, Fujifilm has gone official with the X10 but remains quiet about the all important detail of pricing. The X10 will be coming to stores in November and we'll keep you informed regarding pricing as we hear it.

Fujifilm X10

Details of the X10 are as had been reported below with the X10 building on the success of the X100 with its ultra-fast /2-2.8, 28-112mm manual zoom lens with its proprietary Electron Beam Coating that promises "excellent image quality, even at the edge of the frame."

Fujifilm X10

Let us know in the comments whether you this this retro-styled compact will offer enough features for you or if you'd rather shell out the extra money for the X100.

Originally Published 31 August, 2011

New details and images of the latest camera from Fujifilm have been leaked confirming that the camera will be called the Fujifilm X10.

The baby brother of the retro-styled Fujifilm X100, the X10 has been rumoured to be coming for some time now, with details being leaked bit by bit. Launch is expected very soon and we expect the new camera to be roughly half the price of the X100.

The latest images look like product shots from the manufacturer themselves and shows that the X10 will continue the trend of using physical buttons and dials, seen on the X100. These will let you control a range of features such as aperture and shutter speeds.

Fujifilm X10

The X10 main competition is likely to come from Canon’s G12, Panasonic’s LX5 and the recently launched Nikon P7100.

The X10 will have a Fujinon Manual 4x optical zoom lens, a 12 megapixel CMOS sensor and, as you can see from the pictures, it will have an optical viewfinder, though we don’t expect it to be the hybrid electronic/optical one seen in its bigger brother.

Fujifilm X10

The X10 has a small 2.8in 460,000 dot LCD screen and unlike the X100, will be able to shoot full HD video. There is also going to be a 360-degree motion panorama feature included.

We continue to wait for Fujifilm to launch the X10 officially (which we hear could be as soon as this week) but for now we’ll have to make do with these new images to whet our appetite even further.

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September 2, 2011, 1:54 pm

What a waste of space... yet another "pretender"...
What's the point of having an f/2 lens if the minimum shutter speed at this setting is 1/1000 sec...???
Shots which require a shallow depth of field on a bright day might prove very tricky indeed.
And please Fuji- PLEASE ditch the EXR nonsense....

Martin Blank

September 12, 2011, 11:16 pm

Actually the shutter speeds on the X10 are ... • 1/4 - 1/4000 sec (Auto mode) • 30-1/4000 sec (all other modes)


September 17, 2011, 7:07 pm

>What a waste of space... yet another "pretender"...
>What's the point of having an f/2 lens if the minimum shutter speed at this setting >is 1/1000 sec...???
>Shots which require a shallow depth of field on a bright day might prove very tricky indeed.
>And please Fuji- PLEASE ditch the EXR nonsense....

eh??? this makes no sense... also you have claimed this fact on several sites in the comments but i can find any facts to validate your claim that it has a minimum shutterSpeed at f/2 !

camera facts that dont match your comments..
- f/2 will give shallow dof (not that you are going to get much shallow dof with this sensor size unless you use a long focal length)
- fast shutter speeds outdoors on a fine day are great and you can always stop it down with slower ISO's
- if minimum of 1/1000 sec shutter speed at f/2 is true it would be an issue in low light not bright sunny days
- also EXR tech is great. combining bracketed images in float not only gets you too the holy grail of film's 8-stops but it gives similar detail as you see in films graduation of tone.

.....ignore simon's - or prove me wrong.. me thinks simon's just bought a new camera and now regrets it? - either way ignore Simons comments or someone prove me wrong....

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