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Latest Honda Asimo robot makes drinks, runs at 5.6mph

Andrew Williams


Honda Asimo
Honda Asimo

Honda has shown off the latest version of its Asimo, the famous stair-walking white robot.

Honda Asimo is one of the most recognisable real robot around, and the latest model was just shown off in Belgium.

Asimo’s new incarnation can now run at 5.6mph, jump, climb stairs and recognise people’s faces.

He can also make drinks and use sign language to communicate.

More advanced intelligence in the latest Asimo version lets it predict the actions of people around it – Asimo will alter its path when walking to avoid colliding with someone moving towards it, for example.

Honda sees the new Asimo as “another step closer to creating a robot for practical use in the home environment.” But we’re still a way off seeing them sold in Maplin.

Honda Asimo has been around for 14 years, having initially been shown off in 2000. Asimo wasn’t the first of Honda’s work with robots, but the culmination of its development of robots that walk somewhat like humans.

It’s not the only high-profile robot out there either.

Back in June, Google-owned Schaft showed off a robot that can walk, drive and remove debris as part of the DARPA robotics challenge.

However, it dropped out of the competition in order to focus on developing the robot as a commercial product, rather than a terrifying piece of military hardware.

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July 16, 2014, 1:01 pm

I always think that the first uses for robots in the home should be to help the elderly. If it can also drive (the google one), or we start letting cars drive, even better. More mobility for those who otherwise might not get to go out.
24hr assistance would improve the lives of many, and not just the elderly. Hopefully it will happen in my lifetime.

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