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Kraftwerk: the fuel cell mobile charger


These are the robots...

This isn't the first fuel cell mobile charger we've seen, but it's one of the most impressive.

It's called Kraftwerk – like the band – and charges up in just three seconds. Fill it with lighter gas, and it's ready to juice up your phone on the go.

That means it'll last you months in the outdoors away from a wall socket. As long as you have enough lighter gas to last you.

Once charged, it can power up your iPhone 11 times before needing another squirt of gas. Though there's no word on which model of iPhone this is. It has a USB port, so will work with iPhone and Android devices.

Fuel cells convert chemical energy into electrical energy, and are much better for the environment. The downside is it could cost you a pretty penny in gas.

Indeed, this was one of the main hurdles that stopped other fuel cell chargers from being more popular. Upp, for example, is a great idea, but its replacements proved too costly.

Kraftwerk weighs 160g when empty, and 200g full. It gives 2W of continuous power, with a peak output of 10W.

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It comes in three designs – Urban, Outdoor and Glam – and works in temperatures ranging from -15 to +55 degrees Celsius.

It will cost $159 (£104), but you can pick one up for $99 from the Kickstarter page. It's smashed its $500,000 funding goal and still has 24 days to go.


February 9, 2015, 12:07 pm

You say 'the downside is that it could cost you a pretty penny in gas' but don't quantify what is, potentially, the most important point of your review. If it's not affordable, it's dead in the water.


February 9, 2015, 1:06 pm

This one has a chance of success, it's not more expensive to recharge this as it is to recharge lighters. All previous chargers (hydrogen or whatever) tried to sell us a product that required to buy expensive cartridges to work - nice try.

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