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Klipsch Announces Mode On-Ear Headphones

David Gilbert


Klipsch Announces Mode On-Ear Headphones

Klipsch has long been known for its in-ear headphones, such as the X10is, but last year it brought out its first on-ear headphones with the Image Ones and is coming back for more with the new Klipsch Mode headphones.

Popping up without warning on the "Coming Soon" part of the company’s website, Klipsch go all metaphorical when describing the headphones: “Meaning manner, tune, measure, rhythm. Mode is how something is accomplished and in the case of the new Klipsch Mode headphones, it’s beautifully mastered. In every sense of the word.” Interesting.

Of more interest however is the state-of-the-art active noise cancelling (ANC) technology inside the Modes, which lasts for up to 45 hours on a single battery or you can do away with ANC and use the Modes as a stereo headphone. A 40mm woofer and 15mm tweeter inside the earbuds provide deep bass, dynamic range and crisp, clean highs respectively while we are pleased to see not one, but two detachable 3.5mm cables with an Apple-approved three-button in-line remote on one of the cables.

Klipsch Mode

The collapsible earcups are covered in high-grade leather for more comfort and the headphones certainly look the part. However a $350 price tag (no UK pricing yet) may put you off and you’ll have to wait until the Autumn to get your ears on the Klipsch Mode.

Source: Klipsch

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