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Kindle price cut introduced by Amazon, eReader now just £59

Luke Johnson


Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

Amazon has introduced a new Kindle price cut, with the entry-level eReader now available for just £59.

With the market leading eReader usually setting wannabe owners back £69, the new Kindle price cut marks a £10 saving and brings the device closer to the pricing of rival Nook models.

Amazon.co.uk is knocking ten pounds off the price of the original Kindle, enabling customers to get their hands on a device for only £59,” an official Amazon spokesperson has confirmed before adding: “The offer is available from today.”

Although the latest Kindle price cut is a limited time offer, Amazon has told TrustedReviews that there is currently no end date assigned to the deal.

Capable of storing up to 1,400 books with 2GB of internal storage, the Amazon Kindle weighs just 170g and lining up at just 8.7mm thick and 166mm tall, the eReader is small enough to be pocketable while on the move.

Ensuring you have enough staying power to tackle your daily commute or upcoming holiday, the Amazon Kindle battery life should last you a month on a single charge thanks to the device’s power-friendly E Ink display.

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Hamish Campbell

January 30, 2014, 11:55 am

whoooah whooah whooah, whats with the disparity between amazon.co.uk and amazon.de??

UK - Kindle £59
Paperwhite £109

Kindle 49 euros (£40)
Paperwhite 99 euros (£81)

Looks like free delivery all round too.

I'm in Denmark, so they try to pass me off to the US .com site and want £83 all up for the standard kindle!!

Needless to say, I bought one for a friend as a gift and used a german mail box service to get the german price. Even with postage from that service it is still probably worth it for UK buyers of the Paperwhite.


January 31, 2014, 11:20 am

nice spot! what a rip off

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