JVC Releases Dual iPod Docking Station

Pleasing Apple families everywhere.

We’ve seen a bazillion iPod docks over the years and while there have been some innovative exceptions like the Gear4 Duo and high end stunners like the Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin the majority are instantly forgettable. Unlike this…

The JVC ‘NX-PN7’ was first spotted at CES and is this week at last hitting shop shelves. Something of a Siamese twin, it takes the unusual – though potentially practical – stance of combining two iPod docks into a single 33cm long docking station.

With the ability to dual charge and also control each device independently from the remote control, the NX-PN7 is likely to appeal to Apple loving couples as well as the occasional fanboy. Away from its defining feature it offers AM/FM tuning (though no DAB), an alarm clock (which can also be tied to each player’s settings) and a curiously undefined video output option.

Furthermore – in a nice example of lateral thinking – there are two illuminated strips under each player with a choice of nine colour settings. These can be customised so owners can easily spot whose player is whose. One query we do have however is whether the NX-PN7 is shielded for use with iPhones as surprisingly many docks still aren’t. I’m chasing that one up now…

Hitting the US as we speak, the NX-PN7 retails for a not unreasonable $149.95 (£76) and should be touching down in the UK any minute. Looks like domestic battles for the airwaves just got scarier…

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