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John Lewis: TV will take over in 2014

Luke Johnson



The TV market is set for a return to prominence, with high street retailer and electronics seller John Lewis predicting that TVs will replace smartphones and tablets as a key market in 2014.

With TVs having been superseded by portable gadgets as the latest must have devices in recent years, John Lewis has suggested that the rise of Smart TVs and 4K systems will see the TV scene once again take over in the coming months.

TV has been on the back burner for the past couple of years as you’ve seen tablets and mobile phones really dominate the consumer electronics arena, but now TV will take over once again,” Jonathan Marsh, Head Buyer for John Lewis’s electronics department said speaking exclusively with TrustedReviews.

“TV is very much at the heart of what the big name manufacturers are focussing on for 2014 and it is once again at the heart of the customer’s home.”

Highlighting areas where the market is set to grow, Marsh pointed out the rise of 4K, an area of the industry he suggested is already “doing unbelievably well” and far exceeding the company’s early expectations.

“With 4K and OLED coming to market, and with all the great soundbars and the like coming through as well, the TV market is bringing families closer together and it is right at the heart of consumer electronics once again,” the retailer told us.

As well as predicted a return to prominence for the smartphone scene, John Lewis has narrowed down its expectations, stating that from next year, due to demand it will only be selling Smart TV sets.

“Smart is the new expectation consumers have when buying a TV,” Marsh said. “I don’t think John Lewis will be selling anything other than Smart TVs next year.”

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October 11, 2013, 2:34 pm

I'm fed up of Smart TV functions. Its in everything you buy now. In one form or another Ive got in in my TV, my blu-ray, my PVR, my AMP, my games console, my PC / tablet / phone etc.
I only hope that a manufacturer produces a 4K TV that is nothing more than a screen!
No speakers, no Smart functions, no camera no need for network connection etc. I have plenty of boxes that handle all that already so why do I want to pay for it all over again?!

Please, somebody tell the manufacturers that!

(And I dont mean a projector because they have a whole set of other issues and aren't ideal for many peoples home setups)


October 11, 2013, 3:13 pm

The industry is desperate for the next "sales driver" but the market is "happy with what it has". This means while screens are getting larger and thinner the "premium" pricing is not holding and volume is coming only from low price points. They hoped first with "smart" then "3D" would be a push, they both failed and are now trying again with an improved "smart" extensions, but both "gimmicks" are getting built into "basic" and pumped out at the discount price end. 4K is the new hope, and for that they need the broadcast platforms and content on their side. This is where "One Sony" makes sense - their content and channels can push their tv sales, only Sony is not the hardware force it was and do not make their panels anymore. The industry business model that was created from the VCR format wars and lasted into DVD & Bluray fights has been pulled a part from the greedy hedgefunds, only thinking short term profits from splitting up companies not long term sustainability of why they became such groups.
Smart Tv's will be competing with the "boxes" people already have next to them, the games machines, cable & sky etc boxes that are all adding the "smart" functions to them - until "smart" is unique it is just a duplication that is not needed and provided often by better more powerful hardware already purchased.

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