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Jivr | Bike: the chainless, folding, beacon-enabled electric bike


jivr bike
To work, post-haste!

Urban commuters have a new way to get around. The Jivr | Bike is a folding electric bicycle that talks to your smartphone and tablet.

There's no chain as well. So it can't come off halfway through your journey to work, and you won't arrive with oil slicks up your suit trousers. Instead, it uses a mechanical drivetrain that's built into the bike's frame. It's completely maintenance free, so no more oily fingers for you. The battery range is 20 miles, which should be more than enough to get you to work and back.

When the battery runs out, or you just fancy getting some exercise, it works as a standard pedal bike too.

It folds like a Brompton, so you can take it into the office, pubs and restaurants. It takes mere seconds – four moves, and it's ready to be carried. And it weighs less than 15kg.

It works with your smartphone too. Fire up the app, dock your phone on the handlebars, and you can see how far you've gone, calories burned, and use GPS to find your way.

Thanks to open-ended iBeacon tech developed by Kontakt.io, it can interact with any smart device, be it a smartwatch or tablet. As long as developers have made them compatible, you're laughing.

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The firm also runs a 48-hour, free service to your door. As long as your bike is in warranty, they'll come and fix it or replace, free of charge.

It's London-Based, and looks very promising. It's passed its £70,000 funding goal, and should ship in September. If you're quick, you can nab one for £699, instead of the £1,999 retail price.


March 26, 2015, 3:57 pm

What happens if you don't manage to cycle 50km/month or don't ride the bike in London?


March 26, 2015, 5:33 pm

Yeah, I got all excited about this until I read about that. More than a bit confusing.


March 27, 2015, 3:53 am

jivrbike website: "DYNAMIC BATTERIES - 20 miles range on a single charge in assisted-pedalling mode. 2 hours until full recharge in any electric socket!"

Bit heavy at 15kg. It's a 3:1 gear ratio so single speed I guess/

There are a range of Ambassadorial early bird packages for people outside of London/San Francisco, but you need to be in a city larger than 1 million in population. The cost goes up too, to £849 at the lowest (until they run out). You'd have to pay more if you wanna use the bike in a less populated as you'd not be in the Ambassador program I guess.

Some of their info needs to be updated as they have outdated specs on their website compared to their Kickstarter funding page. Their pre-order page says the bike will cost £1499 inc £99 depost whilst their discount makes out their RRP will be a whopping £2K. That's a lot for any bike. I do like the idea though so wish them well.


March 27, 2015, 5:07 am

I like it. Very good idea. But from the picture looks like it is for under six footers, unless that seat extends a lot further. Also while to fit all that technology into a package weighing 15kg is pretty amazing. 15kg is a lot of weight to carry in one hand unbalanced for a long distance. Also a sealed driveshaft presents its own problems. I have had many BMW motorcycles operating the same principle, they do go wrong occasionally, oil leaks etc, and are not a simple fix like a chain. And they contribute to the weight. But a worthy debut none the less.

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