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Jabba The Hutt missions coming to Star Wars Battlefront



Electronic Arts has unveiled a new mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront, and it will feature everyone’s favourite intergalactic slug.

“Hutt Contracts” are now available in Battlefront as part of a free update. The announcement was made in a short video released earlier this week.

The infamous villain will reward you with new weapons and equipment for completing certain jobs and gaining achievements.

Some of these weapons include the DL-19, a weapon used by Luke against Jabba in Return of The Jedi.

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These new missions will not be part of the Outer Rim expansion, which is also set to debut this month with new heroes, weapons and maps for all game modes.

Outer Rim will allow players to take control of two new heroes, Greedo and Nien Nunb, complete with their own unique weapons and abilities.

Star Wars Battlefront first launched in November 2015, and his since shipped more than 13 million copies across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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