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iWatch to have round face like Moto 360?

Sam Loveridge


iWatch concept
iWatch concept

The Apple Watch may have a round face like the Moto 360 when it potentially launches later this year.

According to one analyst citing industry insiders, Apple is prepping an iOS smartwatch with a round face to rival the Motorola Android Wear offering.

In a note to investors, Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities states that the iWatch’s round face will have a “slimmer profile” than the Moto 360 smartwatch, which is due to launch this summer.

This means the iWatch could be a lot lighter and thinner in body than the Moto 360, despite the fact the Motorola smartwatch already looks pretty slim.

LG also confirmed that it is working on a smartwatch with a round face, to complement its square LG G Watch Android Wear watch.

“In terms of the watches, we are naturally making some experiments in exploring things like [round faces],” said Chul Bae Lee, VP of LG Mobile Communications Design Lab to TrustedReviews.

Blair’s sources also indicated that Apple has been playing around with several iWatch prototype, including “one that used a sapphire screen”, which is something expected to be introduced with the iPhone 6 in September.

The sources were unable to offer details as to how many prototypes Apple has been working on, or whether the sapphire screen would make it into the final product.

The analyst also added that the iWatch will be Apple’s alternative to the declining iPod business.

Other expected features of the iWatch include biometric sensors and a strong health and fitness focus, similar to that offered with the Samsung Gear 2 and Samsung Gear Fit.

Apple has hired a number of staff from the fitness and medical fields, which would support the iWatch rumours. The Cupertino company also hired a few new members of staff from fashion-related industries.

Supposedly, Apple will launch two versions of the iWatch with different screen sizes – one tailored to women’s wrists.

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Via: AppleInsider


May 28, 2014, 4:37 pm

Round obviously was the ideal for analogue watches - that never stopped various offenders bodging an analogue display into a square or rectangular face, especially in the late '70s.

Now they are going to fill the face with text, the rectangular face's time has come - so they'll go round instead? Maybe it'll spawn a new school of poetry, with the line lengths geared to the discipline of a round face. Or is there another reason? Madness.

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