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ITV Player Launches Android App

David Gilbert


ITV Player Launches Android App

In a move we don’t see too often, ITV has chosen to launch its Player service in the Android Market first, before bringing it to Apple’s App Store – but iPhone owners fear not, as an iOS version is on the way.

The ITV Player app is now available to download for free from the Android Market and will offer mobile phone and tablet users the chance to catch up with the latest episodes of Corrie and The Only Way is Essex. You will be able to catch up on all shows from the past seven days via the app not only from ITV1 but also from ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 – which will please fans of gratuitous reality TV. There will be a feature allowing you to browse recommended programmes as well as allowing you to search shows by channel and alphabetically. You will be able to stream an unlimited amount of content over Wi-Fi but not 3G – though this is probably a good limitation, thinking of your data plan. Obviously only people in the UK will be able to watch the content and the developer says: “People in some regions will be restricted to only viewing ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 programmes” – though no reason was given for this restriction. Some reviews on the Market already suggest Northern Ireland is one of these areas.

Robin Pembrooke, Managing Director of ITV Online and On Demand, said: "I'm very excited to be launching our first ever ITV Player mobile app. Android is just the first step in a mobile strategy that will see us rolling out ITV Player across mobiles and tablets, including iPhones and iPads, across the rest of this year." Indeed ITV is not only planning on bringing out an iOS version but also a tablet-specific Android version to compliment the current app.

To use the app you’ll need to be running Android 2.2 or above as well as Adobe Air 2.6 or above to make the streaming video work. Reviews on the Android Market are currently a mixed bag with a lot of people complaining about the need to register an email address to use the app. ITV say this is to allow them to “keep you informed about improvements and other exciting developments at ITV.”

Source: ITV


June 22, 2011, 6:35 pm

PC-browser Market claims that the ITV Player app is incompatible with my Dell Streak running (official) 2.2.2

Doesn't even show up at all in the on-device market


June 23, 2011, 3:45 am

Who are ITV anyway?

Hans Gruber

June 23, 2011, 7:38 am

Incompatible with HTC Legend, ZTE Blade and likely anything that isn't equipped with ARMv7 processor architecture or higher (as well as requiring Android 2.2 etc etc).

To bypass regional content restrictions you can register the ITV Player app with an English postcode (if you're one of the lucky ones with £500 or so spare to spend on a smartphone that actually supports these types of apps). Probably no loss if you can't get the content though...

@CDO - If you follow the Android Market link in the article it'll take you directly to the ITV Player app. From there it will show you if your android devices are compatible or not but you will need to be signed in!


June 23, 2011, 2:30 pm

Yes, that's what I said, accessing the Market through a PC browser (as in the link in the article) says that it is not compatible with the Streak, however the Streak DOES support the minimum requirements at stated on the right of the Market listing, given that 2.2.2 is greater than 2.2 and the 1GHz snapdragon should be fast enough!

Hans Gruber

June 24, 2011, 4:29 am

Uh. Oh. So you did say that. Duh me. My mind must've screened that out completely. People are having probs installing it on Galaxy S also or so I read.

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