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iTunes 11 update may land alongside iPad mini

Andrew Williams


itunes 11
itunes 11

Apple is expected to release the iTunes 11 update as part of the iPad mini launch, which takes place tonight from 6PM GMT.

Apple hinted that iTunes 11 would launch fairly soon at the unveiling of the iPhone 5, which took place in September. And if that wasn't enough, a new blog piece was written on the Apple website last night, telling us to "get ready for the new iTunes".

We'd bet our last Rolo that iTunes 11 will surface this evening, which will mean the software should be available later tonight.

The Apple website article on iTunes 11 urges us to get our music libraries fully tanked-up with album artwork. iTunes 11 puts a clear and significant focus on the way music collections are relayed visually. The software features a new library view that makes better use of album covers.

In Apple's words, iTunes 11 offers "A completely redesigned player. A new remodeled store. And even more iCloud features." These changes are in-line with those made to iOS in the last big update, iOS 6. It too redesigned the iTunes and App Store interfaces, making them more visually rich.

We'll be back with all the new from tonight's Apple launch event from 6PM.

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October 23, 2012, 8:07 pm

No mention of photographs. All i06 devices have cameras built in but iTunes still lacks any of the simple functionality of something like Picassa so that you can see and edit photograph collections the way you can view and look through album covers. It also lacks any sensible way of handling documents and files, especially for families with multiple users sharing devices like iPads. Video collections that display perfectly normally in iTunes itself will also turn into a jumbled mess on a portable device when using sharing, especially with the handling of self-recorded TV series. It is one of the many things that makes iTunes a frustrating disaster and fills Apple message boards with tens of thousands of complaints. I love Apple devices but I am seriously thinking of switching to Android if they don't do something about iTunes soon. It started off as a way of selling content, but the advent of portable devices has meant extra functions have been bolted on in an ad hoc and confusing way until the whole thing has become a giant digital Tower of Babel.


October 23, 2012, 9:18 pm

What are the chances that the next version of iTunes will not suck like an atomic vacuum cleaner (as every previous version has)?

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