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Should you buy an S7 Edge instead of a Note 7? We debate, you decide


In this week’s Head-to-Head, Max Parker (@ParkerMax) and Tom Honeyands (@TheTechChap) discuss whether the Galaxy Note 7 is really worth buying or if the Galaxy S7 Edge might be a better option.

MAX SAYS… the Note 7 is the ultimate power user phone

First of all, it’s great to see that unlike the Note 5, the Note 7 has come to the UK and Europe.

As for specs, while it may share the same processor, RAM and display resolution as the Galaxy S7 Edge, the 5.7-inch HDR screen, USB Type C port and of course, the S-Pen make the Note 7 a worthy upgrade over the S7 Edge.

With 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, the S-Pen is fast, responsive and a lot of fun to use whether you’re making notes, doodling drawings or capturing a screenshot.

The Note 7 is very expensive, but in my opinion you’re getting pretty much the ultimate phone in return. For power users, the Note 7 is a far better option than the S7 Edge.

TOM SAYS… save your money, get the S7 Edge instead

As Max says, the Note 7 has almost the exact same specs as the S7 Edge – so why pay more?

The Note 7 has a bigger display and a smaller battery than the S7 Edge, so don’t expect battery life to be as good. As for the new features, how often do you really think you’ll unlock your phone with an Iris scanner?

In 2016, do we really want to use a stylus with our phones? The S-Pen is quite cool for jotting down notes, but is it worth paying so much more for it?

Finally, don’t expect to use the Note 7 with the Gear VR as the new USB Type C connector makes it incompatible with the current model.

Don’t get me wrong, the Note 7 is an incredible phone, but the S7 Edge is a far better option in terms of core features and value for money.

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Have your say in the debate and let us know what you think of the Note 7 and S7 Edge in the comments below or tweet us @trustedreviews.


August 25, 2016, 1:00 am

When he says the price doesn't matter much.... I agree if it's like 100 bucks difference. The thing is, you can easily get a cheaper S7 Edge still brand new for way less than its price when it was released. I'm currently between these two phones, just sold and iPhone 6 to move back to Android. In the end, I suppose that what is the ultimate sell point is the S pen really. I do like the iris thingie though, and the Coral blue color.

Gutul Andrei

September 4, 2016, 2:43 pm

How about the display technology, like hdr video rendering, the hybrid software between the note and the edge variant, the fact that you now have a much better stylus which helps a lot in sites where you need to push small buttons. The 64 GB is far better because you get double the space with the same speed. You wont get the same speed even with uhs micro sd cards so thats also a bonus.
It is just a smidge taller than the s7 edge but the feel in hand is unbelievable.

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