Is Facebook down? How to tell if the social media site is experiencing issues

I Facebook Down? Here’s all you need to know to check whether the social media site is experiencing problems, or whether the issue is on your end.

How to check if Facebook is down

If your Facebook isn’t working in the future, there are plenty of easy ways to check what’s going on.

Probably the most useful tool is Down Detector, a tool that tracks user reports about problems with other websites. You can see approximately when the issues started, how many reports have been filed, and even a heat map of where users are being affected around the world.

Of course, social networks are also a great way to check if other people are experiencing the same problem as you. The most fool-proof way is to head to a popular social network with lots of users. If Facebook is broken, you’ll generally find plenty of reports on Twitter. And if Twitter isn’t working, Facebook is probably your best bet.

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