iPhone SE 2 dream design touted by case maker, but we’re not convinced

If the rumoured iPhone SE 2 ended up looking like this, then sign us up.

An iPhone X-style edge-to-edge display with the notch, combined with the boxy iPhone 5S form factor would be best case scenario for many Apple fans.

It’s like the iPhone X made enjoyed a tryst with an old iPhone SE (blatantly the MILF/DILF of Apple smartphones) and created this beautiful baby.

New renders from case manufacturer Olixar have been listed on UK retailer Mobile Fun has provided hope Apple will go down this route.

It follows the manufacturer’s advertising of a screen protector for the iPhone SE 2 showing much the same form factor (via 9to5Mac) earlier this week. Does Olixar know something we don’t?

As much as we’d like to believe these are based on the genuine article, we’re just not buying it.

If the iPhone SE 2 follows in its predecessor’s footsteps as a more affordable option, it’s hard to imagine Apple packing in tech from its newest premium handset.

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Not only would this design require Apple to deploy an edge-to-edge display, but the phone would also require all of the Face ID tech in lieu of a Touch ID sensor.

That would likely to make the phone preferable in some ways to the iPhone 8, released in September.

While the front of the phone may not be accurate, the body shape and rear casing look as if they could be on the money, with users benefitting from a larger camera sensor.

We’d expect the phone to mirror the form factor of the first SE, which was a surprise hit among iPhone users.

In this year’s reprisal, it’s likely Apple would use an A10 chipset with a 12-megapixel camera. We’re also hoping Apple maintains the headphone jack, if and when the phone launches.

Will you be buying the iPhone SE 2 regardless of which approach Apple takes? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.