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iPhone deals: Save £200 on a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus

Andy Vandervell


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The hottest deal right now is for a iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, yes, we know, that's last year's iPhone, but hear me out.

John Lewis is currently offering a massive £200 off the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest capacity you can get.

Apple doesn't sell this version itself anymore, but the £589 price this is going for is actually less than Apple sells the same phone with just 64GB of storage.

That's pretty damn good, making this a great deal for anyone who wants lots of storage on their phone. It's perfect for large offline music and video collections, especially as the large screen is great for video.

Other benefits include outstanding battery life and an excellent camera – even now, the iPhone 6 camera is right up there among the best around.

And if you're wondering whether buying a year-old phone makes sense, remember that iPhones hold their value well. That's doubly true for ones with big storage like this 128GB model, since they're much rarer.

The fact it's SIM-free adds even more value, making this a great option while you wait for the iPhone 7 to arrive.

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