iPhone 8 Deal: Here’s the secret to bagging a shockingly cheap contract on the iPhone 8

Desperate to upgrade to Apple’s outrageously cool iPhone 8 but can’t stomach the price tag? We’ve found the secret in this staggeringly affordable iPhone 8 deal on O2.

Available via Mobiles.co.uk, the iPhone 8 tariff in question gives you a hearty 10GB data allowance and unlimited minutes and texts on the 64GB iPhone 8 model – all for just £35 per month, as well as a manageable £50 upfront cost to make the handset yours.

Buy now: iPhone 8 on O2 (10GB data) for £35pm, £50 upfront from Mobiles.co.uk

That’s a whopping £120 cheaper than this identical O2 deal on the iPhone 8, which costs a rather jaw-dropping £170 upfront for the very same data plan.

So how does O2 pull off such a feat? The only minor – and we mean seriously minuscule – difference between our bargain deal and its expensive counterpart is that it’s simply a refurbished handset.

That means a phone that’s been bought previously and returned to the manufacturer in the initial cooling off period, either because the previous owner had a change of heart, or because there was a small technical fault that needed rectifying.

iPhone 8 back 2

Credit: Max Parker – TrustedReviews

Whatever the reason for return, the iPhone 8 handset you’re getting has been fully tested, fixed and deemed “good as new” before being sold back to you. In some cases, the handset you receive might not have even been switched on before being returned, so there’s often no sign that the phone was ever previously shipped.

You still get the full 12-month warranty from Mobiles.co.uk, which includes free repairs at Carphone Warehouse in case your beloved new iPhone 8 gets in a scrape.

It’s a win-win situation if you ask us, and it’s the way to go if the iPhone 8’s hefty upfront price tag is the only barrier between you and an upgrade. Read Mobiles.co.uk’s article on refurbished handsets for more detailed info on bagging a refurb.

Buy now: iPhone 8 on O2 (10GB data) for £35pm, £50 upfront from Mobiles.co.uk

If you need no more convincing, we recommend that you head straight to Mobiles.co.uk to pick up this scandalously cheap iPhone 8 deal before everyone else catches on. With the prices of Apple phones climbing higher and higher as Apple continues its quest for world domination, getting savvy to the secret of refurb iPhones is the best way to keep your pennies in your pocket.

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