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Meet the iPhone 7 Mini? No thanks, we'll stick with the iPhone SE


iPhone 7 mini concept

A handful of concept images are making the rounds showing off a would-be iPhone 7 Mini. The trouble? It's short, stupidly pudgy, and generally looks rubbish compared to the existing iPhone 'Mini' – aka the excellent iPhone SE.

Sure, concept images are exactly that – illustrations of an idea. Usually, they're based on what people expect or want to see from a product, which makes gazing at the the below renders equal parts amusing and painful.

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The ridiculous mock-ups were shared by a mischievous Steve Hemmerstoffer on Twitter, along with an appropriate emoji.

Paired with what looks like an iPhone 6S Plus, it's a kind of iPhone 3GS/first-generation iPod love child – one that makes us feel extraordinarily lucky to have gotten a pretty much straight iPhone 4S reboot in the form of the SE.

Still, it's Friday, the world is a dark place, and there are no Pokémon to catch in the office, so let's give the snaps their due – they'll make you chuckle if nothing else.

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Spotted any more silly mock-ups lately? Share them in the comments below.

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