Deal: This iPhone 7 deal is too good to miss out on this week

If you’re on the hunt for a new phone contract and the iPhone 7 is one of the phones on your wish list, then this brilliant iPhone 7 deal with O2 could swing it for you.

Currently on sale at online retailer, this cracking tariff packs a hearty 12GB data allowance into the fabulous iPhone 7 for just £29 per month. Unlimited minutes and texts are thrown in for good measure.

There’s an upfront cost of £75, which is totally worth parting with to benefit from this deal’s low monthly payments. By comparison, a 12GB deal on Vodafone at the moment will set you back £34 per month, with an even bigger upfront cost of £85.

So why choose the iPhone 7 over Apple’s new 2017 iPhones? Well, for starters, it’s a lot cheaper. In fact, it has enjoyed a price drop since the new iPhones arrived on the scene, so now is a good time to snap it up.

iPhone 7 deal

Credit: Evan Kypreos – TrustedReviews

Despite its flashy new siblings, the iPhone 7 is still a catch. It comes with an incredible quad-core process that makes it slick to use, and has clever display technology that gives colour and brightness on the screen a special edge.

It also has a fantastic camera that takes beautifully detailed shots, along with brilliant speakers and water resistance to protect the phone’s precious features.

If you can’t afford to take the plunge with one of the Apple’s brand new 2017 models, the iPhone 7 is a fine alternative choice.

We recommend wasting no time snapping up this particularly iPhone 7 deal, though, because it won’t stick around long thanks to that competitive payment plan. Be sure to visit ASAP to make it yours.

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