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iPhone 7 colours – new high-gloss Jet Black and matte Black colours confirmed


iPhone 7 blacks

Apple has announced two new black colours for the iPhone 7, bringing the total number of available shades to five.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus will be available in high-gloss Jet Black and a second matte Black colour to complement Silver, Gold and Rose Gold hues.

The Space Grey iPhone is history – and there's no sign of the rumoured "Space Blue" shade.

Here's the new lineup:

iPhone 7 line up


"To define one truly uninteruptive form, we’ve developed a whole new process to achieve our high-gloss black finish," Apple's chief design officer Jony Ive said of the Jet Black finish, which is the result of a nine-step process.

"This begins with rotational 3D polishing. A specialised compound flows over the intricate geometries of the housing, removing imperfections and establishing a seamlessness between materials and producing a pristine mirror-like surface. The enclosure then goes through an anodization process...", which is then polished to a high shine.

Who will buy the Jet Black iPhone 7? This one is definitely for the iPhone buyer who likes to let everyone know they have the latest and greatest iPhone. By far the flashiest of the two black colours, it's the Mercedes-Benz of iPhones.

7 plus


The second new shade of black offers an anodized matte finish. "We just call it Black," remarked Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller. It diffuses light and is complemented by a black stainless-steel Apple logo, Schiller said.

Who will buy the Black iPhone 7? This is one for the suave and understated tech connoisseur with an eye for retro tech. Coffee and craft-beer hipsters and those who lived on Instagram before it become too cool.

iPhone 7 black

Rose Gold

Screengrabs of the existing colours give us a better look at how Apple has managed to relocate the antenna lines. They're practically invisible on the Silver model, while offering nice colour accents on the Rose Gold and Gold Editions.

Who will buy Rose Gold iPhone 7? No, this isn't just "The girls' colour." This is the "I don't give a damn about what you think of my fashion choices" colour. It may also be good for people who lose things easily. Also for those who want to customise their iPhone with the ultimate anti-theft aid.

Rose Gold 7


This one was never going anywhere. The gold iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus looks better than ever thanks to those redesigned antenna lines.

Who will buy the Gold iPhone 7: Covering your iPhone with a case is pretty essential, meaning to most folks the gold iPhone appears largely white. Aside from Del Trotter and every rap artist on Earth, we'd imagine those buying the gold iPhone will also splash out on the brand-new ceramic Apple Watch 2.

iPhone 7 Gold


The old faithful retains its place in the lineup, while poor old Space Grey heads for the glue farm.

Who will buy the Silver iPhone 7? The tech traditionalist. The iPhone owner who always goes all in on silver to match their silver MacBook Air.

iPhone 7 Silver

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