iPhone 6S live stream: How to watch the Apple event

Apple’s iPhone 6S launch, among other products, is scheduled for tonight, September 9. You’ll be able to watch it as it happens via live stream.

If you’re keen to watch Apple unveil its new products including the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, you’ll need to grab yourself some Apple kit before tonight’s event, or upgrade your PC to Windows 10 if you haven’t already.

That’s because Apple will let you watch the live stream via Microsoft’s new Edge browser.

It should be worth the fuss if only to see whether all those rumours about the new Apple TV and even the iPad Pro/iPad Plus are true.

What time will the iPhone 6S live stream start?

The Apple event will be held in San Fransisco and will start at 10am there.

In the UK it will start at 6pm, in central and western Europe at 7pm and eastern Europe at 8pm. 

If you’re reading this in Australia then you’ll either be staying up late or waking up early. If you’re in Sydney’s timezone then it will start at a painful 5am.

Where can I watch the Apple event live?

To watch the live stream you’ll need to head to the special Apple website on an iOS device running iOS 7.0 or later, such as the iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6.

You can access the live stream on Mac too, if you’re running Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X v10.8.5 or later. Alternatively, you can try the Edge browser on Windows 10.

You can also watch the launch on an Apple TV, so long as you’ve got software 6.2 or later. There’s a special Apple Events app you’ll need to download too.

If you haven’t got any of the aforementioned kit, you won’t be able to watch the iPhone 6S launch live easily. But, Apple always posts its events to watch in full via its website at a later date, so you’ll just be a little bit behind the times.

If you’re really keen you can try out this Ustream link, which may show the event when it starts, or tinker around with VLC Media Player on Android or Windows.

All you need to do is paste the following link into the Open Network Stream setting on the app:


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What will Apple announce at the live stream event?

All rumours are pointing towards a huge event for Apple tonight, with potentially five products up for a session in the spotlight.

It’s pretty much a given that both the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus will make an appearance. As the reports suggest, the two new phones will feature upgraded cameras and processors, a switch to a tougher type of aluminium, and a Force Touch display with three levels of pressure.

There’s an outside chance we might even see the revival of the iPhone 5C in the form of the iPhone 6C, as a more affordable Apple smartphone.

Then there’s the new Apple TV, the first set-top box to launch in three years. It should launch with some seriously revamped internal hardware, an improved remote control, Siri-powered system-wise voice search and a massive push on iOS gaming.

Of course, there are also rumours Apple will lift the lid on the iPad Pro. It’s rumoured to be the biggest iPad yet, with a 12.9-inch display, A9X chip, more Force Touch and other new features.

TrustedReviews will be covering the event as it happens so make sure you come back to find out everything about the Apple launch event.

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