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iPhone 6 to feature barometer



According to newly discovered iOS 8 code, Apple could be planning to implement a barometer into the iPhone 6.

We know that the iPhone 6 is likely to sport a larger screen and a more powerful processor than the iPhone 5S, but that's not the only new hardware it'll be packing.

9to5Mac has obtained some interesting new information through various sources using the pre-release build of iOS 8, Apple's forthcoming mobile OS update, and the Xcode 6 iPhone SDK. It adds credence to earlier rumours that the iPhone 6 will be a more sensitive piece of kit.

It seems as if a future Apple device will utilise a barometer. CoreMotion APIs within iOS 8 make reference to altitude-tracking capabilities, suggesting the presence of specialist hardware.

What's more, when tested the iPhone 5S returned a "not supported" verdict on this framework, indicating that it has been created with new and as-yet unreleased hardware in mind.

A dedicated barometer, which would potentially form part of the A8 chip's M8 motion coprocessor, would provide quicker and more accurate altitude information.

Of course, barometers measure air pressure, which also be used to predict the local weather. Sure enough, evidence has been found of ambient pressure tracking capabilities within iOS 8.

All in all, the application for outdoorsy types would be obvious, and we know Apple's really pushing the whole health and fitness angle. Hikers and climbers would obviously benefit from such altitude and weather tracking capabilities.

In addition, the altitude-tracking applications could conceivably let you know which floor of a building you're on - once Apple gets its act together with Maps.

We're expecting the iPhone 6 to launch some time this Autumn, probably in September.

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