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iPhone 6 specs leaked again by new source

Sam Loveridge


iPhone 6 render
iPhone 6 render

The iPhone 6 specs have been leaked afresh by a new source, further reaffirming what we’re hoping to see the 2014 iPhone flagship.

With a duo of iPhone 6 models expected to launch later this year, the anticipation around the pair is certainly building.

A fresh leak from a VentureBeat source claims to have “knowledge of the plans” and has shed some more light on Apple’s potential launch activities.

The source suggests the smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 6 model will be ready to ship in mid-September, following a potential September 9 launch event. The 5.5-inch model could be launched at the same event, but won’t arrive in stores until several weeks or even a month later than its smaller screened brother.

In terms of the displays, although we’re pretty sure on the sizes for the iPhone 6 pair, the actual material being used has been subject to much debate of late.

This latest report states that the displays will be made out of something harder than Gorilla Glass, but might not actually be made entirely from sapphire as once thought. The hardness of the material will fall somewhere between the two.

As for the processor, the new Apple A8 is looking to be a dead cert. Apparently it will run at a frequency of 2.0GHz per core and will enhance the graphics rendering and offer a faster response times for the next generation of Apple devices, in comparison to current options like the iPad mini 2 Retina and iPhone 5S.

The source also claims the next iPhone generation will definitely offer NFC connectivity for contactless payments.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is also allegedly being improved a touch, allowing the iPhone 6 to have faster print read times, lower the amount of false rejections and improve the security for mobile payments made using the technology.

The Beats partnership may also have an effect on the iPhone 6 too. According to the report, some kind of audio technology contained within the lightning connector would authenticate Beats headphones like the new Beats Solo 2 with the iPhone 6.

Whether we actually see this included in the final iPhone 6 models is anyone’s guess, but we’d assume that would be something for future iterations of Apple devices.

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August 7, 2014, 1:56 pm

I just hope they open up the Touch ID technology to other apps - would be awesome to authenticate with Lastpass or Paypal using a thumb print rather than PINs and passwords.


August 7, 2014, 3:44 pm

AgileBits has already released a video demonstrating that Touch ID is open to third party developers in iOS 8. The iOS 8 version of their 1Password app will use Touch ID to authenticate your password in any app that wants to use it. It's all part of Extensions.

I am confident that LastPass will do the same.


August 8, 2014, 3:35 am

Hope Apple release the "unlock" models at the same time as the carrier models. Hate to wait 90-120 days for Apple to finally get them in the stores.

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