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iPhone 6 Sapphire screen demoed in new leaked video

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iPhone 6 dummies
iPhone 6 dummies

The iPhone 6 sapphire display has been put through its paces in a new leaked video.

Earlier this week, the first video showing the purported iPhone 6 sapphire screen was posted online, showing how much it could be bent before snapping.

Now, notorious tech blogger Marques Brownlee has put that sapphire panel through its paces, subjecting it to knives, keys and some serious bending.

Brownlee claims that the panel is “straight off the assembly line iPhone 6 part from Apple” and is the entire front panel for the upcoming 4.7-inch iPhone flagship.

What’s exciting is that Apple has seemingly abandoned the Corning Gorilla Glass in favour of a layer of sapphire crystal, which will help protect the iPhone 6 from scratches, nicks and other defects.

Sapphire crystal is already used in high-end watch faces and camera lenses and Apple has already used the material for covering the Touch ID home button and rear camera for the iPhone 5S.

Brownlee puts the sapphire crystal display to the test, scratching it with a rather large knife and a set of keys. From what we can see in this video and from what he says, the sapphire display is very resilient and durable.

“I couldn’t get the surface to even scratch a little bit at all. The worst blemish on the surface was actually my fingerprint marks and the dust from handling it so much,” explained Brownlee.

The screen is also very pliable, bending and flexing under pressure but nearly impossible to snap with your bare hands.

A fresh photo of the iPhone 6 dummy in the current three iPhone colour options was leaked by Sonny Dickson, which is shown above, giving you a taste as to what the range could look like later this year.

There is also supposedly a larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model arriving later this year and of course, rumour has it the iPhone 6 will be launched alongside the Apple Watch.

Apple has just snapped up a Tag Heuer sales executive for the iWatch team, which should help the wrist-worn gadget come launch. Apple could even kit out the device with a sapphire crystal display too.

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